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Some of our services.

We provide a wide range of electronics repair services in Yorkshire Mobile and Computers. We have fixed the worst of worst phone and laptop logic boards. Please contact us if you have a question about our services.

Logic Board Repair

Our fully trained electronic technicians in Yorkshire Mobile and Computers perform logic board repair using the latest available tools and knowledge. Since a successful logic board repair depends on factors such as the availability of schematics, micro-soldering skills, experience and being able to analyse the complex electronic design, we highly recommend to only let a repair attempt to be carried out by a fully trained technician, as otherwise, it may put the logic board in an irreparable state.

Liquid Damage Repair

Your device will be professionally cleaned using our ultrasonic cleaner and the special material suitable for electronic circuits. We perform a full inspection using a microscope and run a diagnostic in order to find any other possible issue. If no further issue is found the device will be returned to the customer after passing a comprehensive test, otherwise the device may need other repair services to be carried out on it. Even if your liquid damaged device is irreparable, we may be able to recover your data. Please note that the data recovery service is not part of the liquid damage repair service and you may be extra charged for that service. We will contact you before going further and performing a data recovery service.

Screen Replacement

Our screen replacement service is designed to be fast and affordable. We offer the highest-quality screens for phone, tablets and laptop, which have been fully checked and provided to us by our reliable suppliers. Our screen repair service covers both the latest and older models from all brands.

Postal Repair Service

If you live far away from us and would like your device to be repaired with us, simply post it to us and we will post it back to you as soon as we complete the repair process. You will pay online for the service before we post it back to you. If your device is not repairable, you only pay the postage cost. In order to ensure that your device stays protected during postage, we offer you the appropriate package. Please get a quote for repairing your device by clicking here.

Battery Replacement

All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and should be replaced or recycled at the end of their lifespan. In Yorkshire Mobile and computers we offer a reasonably priced and quick battery replacement service for your phone, tablet and laptop. We only use the original or proven high-quality batteries. The battery replacement for your phone typically will be completed in an hour or same day. We also recycle your old battery safely for you.

Data Recovery

We have an excellent rate of successful data recovery from broken and devices that are beyond repair. We can recover your data from HDD, phone, USB stick and etc. We strongly advise against running data recovery software in case your data becomes inaccessible for any reasons. This may decrease the chance of recovering your data. You can always contact us for a free consult.

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You can use our quote service to contact us and get a quote for your broken devices. We will advise you the best way to send your device to us based on the type of your device. You can find the address of our location on our contact page.

We accept major online payment methods such as Paypal or bank transfer. We usually send you a secure link to pay.

If your device is beyond repair we will return it to you and in case of postal repair service, we will post it back to you and you only need to pay the postage cost.

In most cases, we offer a warranty on the services that we provide. But we offer no warranty on most of the liquid damaged devices.

No Fix -No Fee!

You only pay if your device gets fixed by us. But for postal repair service, you need to pay for the postage in case your device is beyond repair and we post your device back to you.

Most of the repair services will take no longer than 4 days. In the case of screen replacement and battery replacement, we complete the job typically in a few hours. But logic board repairs may take longer than 4 days in some cases.

There is no diagnostic fee. No fix, no fee.

if you are a business and willing to work with us, we will offer you a business rate. Please contact us.

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